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Sale Hermes Clic H XL bracelet in enamel Orange/Red Palladium plated hardware Copy
  • Sale Hermes Clic H XL bracelet in enamel Orange/Red Palladium plated hardware Copy
  • Sale Hermes Clic H XL bracelet in enamel Orange/Red Palladium plated hardware Copy

Sale Hermes Clic H XL bracelet in enamel Orange/Red Palladium plated hardware Copy

Model: Cartier-074


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About Hermes Jewelry

Hermes jewelry features a beautiful, well-balanced sense of balance. Here, some of the traditional gorgeous colors are always associated with a classical style and a solemn and elegant style that are compatible with each other. Designers know how to make a simple, simple item for everyday use while adding an extra surprise.

Hermes jewelery is inspired by the world of equestrian sports where people can see the traces of the journey and the good times they spend in the world of horses. No matter how subtle these traces, when designing jewelry, designer Pierre Hardy will try their best to retain, he did not understand this expression must be reflected through the shape outline, add a little hint of the details is enough.

Hermes jewelry and other specialties is different from the first design, gems are cut according to the design, not the first is generally to look at the size of jewelry, and then the most effective way to design styles, the two different approaches is the cost difference and the goods Design of the brand spirit. Pierre Hardy jewelry design concept, is suitable for everyday wear can add shape the daily jewelry concept, whether it is eternal classic minimalist style or deliberately enlarge the proportion of modern lines, so that women can easily wear at different occasions to attend .

Full Name: Hermes bracelet in enamel Palladium plated hardware

Material: 925 silver + 18K glod Plated; Enamel

Color: White gold

Enamel: Orange, Red

7″ circumference

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